Levies & compliance submissions

  • Department of Conservation: Review of the Percentage Revenue Framework

    26 March 2021

    The mechanisms that set the fees paid by concessionaires on conservation lands are a critical matter for these operators. TIA's submission seeks a system that is based on clear principles, takes into account the operating realities of operators and is simple to work with.

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  • Letter to MBIE on Short Term Rental Accommodation

    2 July 2020

    The Accommodation Forum, comprising New Zealand’s industry accommodation associations, has discussed STRA and below provides further detail on the areas discussed.

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  • Maritime New Zealand review of Maritime Levy

    Maritime New Zealand - 18 January 2019

    TIA considers the increase in the Maritime Levy to be excessive and unjustified.

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  • ACC 2018 Levy Consultation Proposals

    Submission to Accident Compensation Corporation - 25 October 2018

    Submission to Accident Compensation Corporation on the 2018 Levy Consultation Proposals
    for the 2019-2021 Levy Period

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  • Consultation on Immigration Fees and Levies

    Submission to Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment - 20 July 2018

    TIA wants to see improvements in Immigration New Zealand's fiscal and operational management to avoid more increases in immigration fees and levies. We strongly oppose increasing the Border Clearance Levy to include services at the border provided by INZ.

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  • Consultation on an Electronic Travel Authority

    Submission to Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment - 20 July 2018

    TIA supports the introduction of the Electronic Travel Authority but warns that there are serious risks to New Zealand’s reputation if its introduction is rushed or poorly implemented. Development of the ETA must carefully consider impacts on the visitor experience and, where possible, it should provide for tourism-related data to be gathered.

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  • Consultation on International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy

    Submission to Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment - 20 July 2018

    Proceeds from the proposed International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) must be targeted to areas and issues where it will make the most difference to the visitor experience, TIA says. Tourism operators are prepared to accept the new levy but support will be conditional on the final design of the scheme.

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  • Consultation – Cost Recovery Proposals targeting 1 July 2018 Proposal 2: Extend the Border Clearance Levy Period

    Submission to the Ministry for Primary Industries - 21 March 2018

    Overall, TIA is supportive in principle of changing the levy period to up to 36 months due to the stability it provides for operators. However, we do have a number of concerns we'd like addressed.

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  • Inquiry into Working Holiday Maker Reform Package (Passenger Movement Charge)

    Australian Ministry of Transport - 21 October 2016

    The New Zealand tourism industry is alarmed by the Australian Government proposal to again increase its border tax, the PMC. The PMC is a serious disincentive to trans-tasman travel in both directions and contradicts the spirit of CER.

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  • ACC levy consultation 2017/18 - 2018/19

    Submission to ACC - 19 October 2016

    While TIA welcomes the reduction in proposed levies for most ACC risk levy groups involved in tourism, we are greatly disappointed to see that despite its own commitment to do so, ACC has not consulted with the operators that will see an increase in levies.

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  • Discussion Document on Developing a Cost Recovery Framework for the Ministry for Primary Industries

    Submission to the Ministry for Primary Industries - 21 July 2016

    TIA is concerned that the consultation document fails to provide solid rationale for when imposing a new levy might be more appropriate than crown funding. We are concerned the tourism sector is being perceived as an easy target for government revenue gathering.

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  • Changes to the Funding Arrangements for CAA’s Regulatory Functions

    Submission to the Civil Aviation Authority NZ – phase 2 consultation - 19 February 2016

    TIA has a number of significant concerns around the proposed changes including a lack of transparency around the impact on businesses and a potential impact on safety.

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  • Proposed Changes to Maritime New Zealand Fees and the Maritime Levy for 2016-2019

    Submission to Maritime New Zealand - 22 January 2016

    Proposed increases in Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) levies and fees target the tourism industry unjustifiably in order to subsidise the fees of other maritime operators.

    MNZ has provided feedback to everyone who made submissions and published a summary of its decisions. It advises it will take TIA's views into account for its full levies and fees review in 2018/19.

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  • Marine Protection Rules Part 300: Ballast Water Management

    Joint submission to Maritime New Zealand – 30 October 2015

    TIA and Cruise New Zealand believe the requirement for ships to have on-board water treatment systems will require significant investment of capital. There should be a minimum lead-in of five years before the requirement becomes mandatory for ships visiting New Zealand.

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  • ACC Levy Consultation 2016/17

    Submission to ACC – 30 October 2015

    TIA feels that it is important for ACC to better engage with the wider tourism industry. Future consultation with the tourism industry is encouraged, especially if the proposed levy change means an increase to a classification unit.

    This was a win for TIA. ACC has agreed to better levy consultation with the wider tourism in future.

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  • Implementation of the Border Clearance Levy

    Submission to NZ Customs Service and the Ministry for Primary Industries – 28 July 2015

    TIA and the Coalition Against Travel Tax opposed the introduction of a Travel Tax or Border Clearance Levy. Border services clearly have a public good purpose and should therefore be funded from general taxation.

    Despite strong industry opposition led by TIA, the Government introduced the Border Clearance Levy on 1 January 2016.

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