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Influence, connect, and lead in tourism

Become a TIA member and know you will always have someone to support your business and be in your corner when it matters. We believe that the more the industry comes together to support TIA, the stronger our influence is. 

TIA membership gives you real influence in your industry, as well as access to advice and support, great savings, connections and credibility.

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Why become a TIA member?  


Supporting TIA offers a powerful platform to directly influence the ambitions of the tourism industry.

Engage with decision-makers, enhancing the strength and reach of the industry's collective voice in central and local government. Be part of a unified voice that champions the industry’s aspirations and priorities, ensuring its representation and advocacy strength on policies and regulations. This involvement not only amplifies your influence in the industry’s direction but also cultivates essential networks and relationships vital for your organisation's success.


TIA membership opens doors to a network of tourism organisations, allowing you to build valuable industry relationships and leverage collective knowledge essential for achieving your business goals. It offers a unique opportunity to network with like-minded members. By maximizing these connections, you tap into a wealth of resources, insights, and partnerships, creating a support system that facilitates your business growth, industry alignment and a unified vision.


Sustainability is at the heart of a resilient and flourishing tourism industry. A TIA membership enables you to be a supporter of the Tourism Sustainability Commitment, to integrate and champion sustainability in every facet of your business operations. It increases your capability to set and achieve sustainability objectives, offering access to information on measuring and reducing your environmental footprint. This membership not only allows you to understand best practice in sustainability, but also to be part of a collective effort to deliver a sustainable tourism industry that is more resilient in the face of global changes and challenges.


Receive exclusive access to premier industry events including TRENZ, Tourism Summit Aotearoa, as well as the prestigious New Zealand Tourism Awards. TIA members benefit from preferential rates, ensuring that the industry’s latest trends, insights, and networks are accessible and affordable.

These events are a hub for networking, providing opportunities to connect with industry colleagues and leaders, and facilitate the exchange of ideas and strategies.

You will also be among the first to hear about upcoming events, ensuring that you stay ahead and well-prepared. Additionally, as a TIA member you receive free access to monthly webinars. If you are unable to join live, you can watch all the replays to gain insights and learnings on the TIA website in the member’s section.

Support and insight

Being a TIA member equips you with a robust support system and a reservoir of insights. You gain unrestricted access to practical advice, all previous webinars and support from the TIA team. The membership ensures that you are continually updated with the latest in tourism news, essential insights, and even support for media and crisis management. Furthermore, membership means TIA will do all the heavy lifting for you on submissions on proposed regulations, offering essential guidance to navigate through new legislative requirements impacting your business, ensuring that you are always a step ahead in the dynamic tourism industry landscape.

Save money

Gain cost-saving benefits with discounted rates at premier events like TRENZ and the Tourism Summit Aotearoa. Unlock access to a variety of significant business, travel, and accommodation savings for you and your employees through the MyTIA member zone. You can also take advantage of exclusive services offered by TIA's strategic partners such as Marsh and Westpac.


Supporting TIA as a member enhances your business’s credibility, showcasing your standards and focus on industry best practices. Your membership includes listing on the TIA and TSC websites, which helps reassure customers of your commitment to quality and ethics. Additionally, members can use TIA and TSC logos, further validating their business's reputation. Signing onto the Tourism Sustainability Commitment as a member also reflects your dedication to sustainable operations and positive community impact, adding significant value to your business's image.

List of benefits

  • Connect with tourism stakeholders
  • Collaborate with us to shape and influence policy
  • Local and central government advocacy
  • A unified voice to strengthen advocacy efforts
  • Sustainable business capability support
  • Regulation and issue assistance
  • Direct policy influence
  • Decision-maker engagement
  • Strategic networking
  • Save up to 50% off event rates including TRENZ, Tourism Summit Aotearoa, and Tourism Awards
  • Early event notifications
  • Help with government agency roadblocks
  • Support system and expert advice
  • Stay informed with regular tourism news and updates
  • Crisis management support
  • Save thousands of dollars for you and employees through partner discounts
  • Credibility through TIA & Tourism Sustainability Commitment logos
  • Advice in sustainability practices and environmental footprint reduction
  • Access to monthly webinars with past recordings available online

What our members say

"As a long time member and supporter of our peak industry body for 20 years, I want to acknowledge and recognise the great value generated by the organisation (and of course it’s many hard working folk over the years). TIA has delivered continuous advocacy work, been the voice to decision makers, the organisation of our premium tourism and related events and brought the various interests within our sector together into a credible and valuable force. In more recent times, TIA has encouraged our sector into the new environmentally conscious era, and growing our sense of manaakitanga and whanaungatanga are significant achievements. Here’s looking forward to the next 20 years." - John Barrett, Kapiti Island Nature Tours

"Thanks, team TIA for the hard work you do on behalf of your members. You ensure we have a voice with Government ministers and relevant officials, and the events you run for industry are always worthwhile and very well organised. From networking through to advocacy, the tourism sector benefits greatly from your mahi." - Jacqui Wilkinson, Fine Art Tours NZ

"Becoming a member of TIA is important to the industry and it is important to you. As an operator I work within many conditions that are not controlled by me, for example the shape of legislation, political policy and action and organisational partnerships of the industry. TIA are there to advocate and facilitate a coordinated response to these changeable impacts, they help the operators come together to create our own future. TIA have also advocated for increased capability and focus on regenerative tourism and protection of our place. TIA is a membership organisation that needs your partnership and your input. The industry is stronger through a representative voice." - Trent Yeo, Ziptrek Ecotours

"As a small business operating in the vastness of the International Tourism Market we have always found having the ear and support offered by TIA invaluable. The benefits of representation and advocacy at government cannot be  overstated. As we move forward in a rapidly changing environment this will only become more important." - Garth London, Whakaipo Lodge

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners