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TIA welcomes new website for accessing tourism data

1 July 2021

A new website for accessing tourism data, research and reports is now available, making it easier to access information about the tourism industry.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has announced the Tourism Evidence and Insights Centre as the new home for tourism data.

TIA Chief Executive Chris Roberts says the new website will be welcomed by tourism operators around the country. TIA has long advocated for improved access to tourism insight.

“New Zealand tourism data and research is available from many different sources but can be hard to find and difficult to analyse. The Tourism Evidence and Insights Centre will support operators in making business decisions,” Mr Roberts says.

TIA will contribute links to any research it carries out and encourages others to do the same.

"The TEIC has been a collaborative project, and we thank the TIA and the wider tourism industry for your involvement," says MBIE Acting Manager Michael Webster. "We also drew on the expertise of academia, and central and local government, in particular the Department of Conservation to develop the site."

Providing a central location for tourism data, reports and articles will make it easier for you, or anyone interested in the wider tourism story to access material. A key feature of the TEIC is the Sustainable Tourism Explorer, an interactive hub for sharing tourism data and insights to help measure the impact of tourism on Aotearoa New Zealand.

The Explorer uses the latest technology in data visualisation. If you’ve yet to dip into it, have a try - it will feel very intuitive and it offers a diverse range of appealing graph styles. You also have the ability to add notes to charts and download both images and data.

The site already holds a wealth of data and research, and new information will be added as it becomes available, allowing for expanded content as the website evolves. The aim is to make the TEIC a home for a wide range of data and research, not just government-produced content.

There’s an opportunity for you to consider how the tourism industry collects, shares and invests in data that’s not currently available. We’d be keen to hear your feedback about this, so please channel your thoughts to TIA’s Strategy and Policy Manager Bruce Bassett.

The TEIC and Sustainable Tourism Explorer are collaborative products, developed by MBIE following targeted engagements to identify the industry’s information needs. The information was gathered from the 2018 Tourism Data Domain Plan, the 2019 Tourism Information and Data Hui and the New Zealand Aotearoa Sustainable Tourism Dashboard workshop in early 2020.

MBIE’s Tourism Evidence and Insights team collects, analyses and publishes New Zealand tourism data, along with a range of useful tools and publications.

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners