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Workforce & Employer Toolkit

Business continuity planning

Practical information to help your business plan for an emergency and to help you, your staff and family prepare for a natural disaster.

  • At work

    Prepare for a civil defence emergency at work

    Information from Civil Defence, including staff evacuation schemes, civil defence cabinets and food supplies and managing risk.

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  • Business continuity planning

    A Civil Defence introduction

    Civil Defence talks you through the why and how and business continuity planning, including a link to workshops.

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  • Resilient organisations

    Guides, resources, research to help you build a resilient business

    Resilient Organisations is a research and consulting group focused on helping organisations, industries, and economies to thrive in any environment.

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  • Get earthquake and tsunami ready

    Information from the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management on how to prepare for an earthquake and tsunami, and how to protect yourself if it happens.

    Make a plan, local Civil Defence groups, protect yourself and your family if a tsunami strikes.

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  • Preparing your business for natural disasters

    This Queensland Government guide contains useful information to help your business prepare for a natural disaster, as well as individual checklists for specific natural disasters.

    Checklists for cyclones, storms, floods, droughts, plus evacuation plans.

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