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Policy Positions — Industry Issues

Tourism Value

18 December 2023

TIA considers that Tourism Value is an important concept for the industry.  

Central to this concept is that value is not a singular economic consideration but one that contains other desirable attributes. These attributes include spending, seasonal pattern, regional dispersal, cultural engagement, contributions to nature and to communities, low carbon consumption, and others.   

In other words, TIA supports tourism that delivers wide-ranging benefits to communities, businesses and nature.   

In Tourism 2050, this is set out as ‘balanced-growth’ where tourism grows on a well-managed basis with visitors contributing broadly across the attributes that we are seeking.    

Globally, New Zealand is a niche player and must position itself as a high value/premium/quality destination as this is where tourism can deliver the greatest overall benefits for our country.    

TIA supports research and analysis to get a better understanding of visitor quality and value. 

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners