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Tourism Insight

18 December 2023

A well-managed tourism system in New Zealand needs quality data and research.   

TIA champions the provision of relevant, timely and accessible insight or knowledge that results in better tourism-related decision-making. By ‘knowledge’, we include a spectrum from survey data, use of administrative data, analysis, innovation, research and through to blue-sky thinking. Data to support international benchmarking and comparative analysis is a clear need.  

Action 3 in Tourism 2050 is ‘Power-up Data and Research’ in recognition of both the importance of data and insight for decision making and that the tourism industry is not well served under the current settings.  A tourism industry supported by quality data and insight will be much more assured in taking the many strategic, commercial and operational decisions that are essential to implementing the Tourism 2050 Blueprint.  

TIA is a member of the Tourism Data Leadership Group and will work with the Group to drive a step change in tourism data to lift coverage of data across a more balanced set of indicators and for improving the quality of the data provided.  

TIA is also seeking to achieve a step-change in the wider tourism research environment, although there is not a current vehicle in place for achieving this. Investment in this area would be envisaged from a sustainable industry fund.

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners