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Policy Positions — Industry Issues

Tourism Infrastructure

18 December 2023

Tourism relies on a range of public and private infrastructure, including airports, roads, water and sewerage facilities, ports, EV charging, hotels, and others. In turn, infrastructure that results from visitor demand often benefits residents. Because of this, most tourism-related infrastructure is mixed-use and used by both visitors and residents. 

This means that both government and private interests are responsible for the provision of tourism infrastructure, and historically this has not worked well resulting in significant deficits identified in earlier research conducted by TIA. 

With an outlook for continuing growth of international tourism, the demand for quality infrastructure will undoubtedly return and increase. In the Destination Management Plans now in place for tourism regions, more infrastructure investment has been identified right around the country.   

TIA advocates the importance of taking a long-term view on the infrastructure, and that it is essential to continue investing in this infrastructure before it becomes a major constraint. TIA supports the retention of a government infrastructure fund to assist with this investment. 

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners