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Policy Positions — Industry Issues

Sustainable Fuels

18 December 2023

TIA welcomes the processes to establish the supply of Sustainable Aviation Fuels in New Zealand as the only option currently available for decarbonising long-haul aviation.  

TIA supports steps taken by Government and Air New Zealand to put in place the supply of SAF. We have advocated for the SAF Mandate and support the SAF Consortium that has developed a viable pathway to standing up a SAF industry in New Zealand. TIA will provide further support as and where it can.   

TIA recognises the work of the global cruise industry to develop non-carbon propulsion technologies and advocates for these new generation vessels to be deployed to New Zealand as soon as is possible.         

For the New Zealand land transport system, TIA supports the development of the infrastructure needed to enable tourism industry transition to sustainable fuels. This includes development of a national EV charging network and other infrastructure that may be needed, such as a nitrogen supply network.

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners