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Responsible Camping

18 December 2023

TIA supports a strong responsible camping framework that allows for the effective management of this part of the tourism system through the provision of insight, information, infrastructure, regulation and enforcement.  

TIA supported the Self-contained Motor Vehicles Legislation Act 2023 that came into effect in 2023. The Act means that freedom camping can only take place on non-camping designated local authority land if the vehicle is certified self-contained in terms of its toilet facilities.   

Vehicles that are not self-contained will be allowed but they can only stay at private holiday parks or at other designated camping facilities and DOC camping grounds that have services. The Act will be implemented over the next two years.  

The expectation is that the Act will alleviate public concerns around freedom camping while allowing for responsible camping. TIA advocates for ongoing investment by Government to ensure the system that has been put in place operates as intended over the long term.   

TIA leads the Responsible Camping Forum and encourages all campers to stay in holiday parks, DOC camping grounds or other designated areas. TIA does not support total bans on freedom camping as this would impact on New Zealanders who regard it as a birth right and unfairly penalise most overseas visitors who behave appropriately when camping.  


Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners