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Tourism 2025 Evolution

The evolution of Tourism 2025 over the last five years reflects the changing landscape of New Zealand’s tourism industry.


Tourism 2025 

Tourism 2025 was launched in 2014 following an extended period of flat demand. The industry’s singular priority was to stimulate growth. With its audacious goal of making tourism a $41 billion a year industry by 2025, the Tourism 2025 growth framework succeeded in bringing a diverse industry into alignment behind a shared vision.

The Tourism 2025 elements of Target for Value, Connectivity, Productivity, Visitor Experience and Insight provided the framework for the actions needed to achieve the $41 billion goal.

Since then, the visitor economy has grown strongly, and the challenges and opportunities facing the industry have changed. TIA, as custodian of Tourism 2025, has evolved the framework to keep it relevant.      

Tourism 2025 - Two Years On

The first update came in 2016 with Tourism 2025 – Two Years On. This reaffirmed the key elements of the framework, and reinforced the focus on Seasonality and Dispersal. It also introduced two new areas of emphasis - Capacity Development and Infrastructure, and Sustainability. 



New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment

In 2017, TIA launched the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment to provide a framework for all tourism businesses to operate more sustainably for the long-term benefit of New Zealand.

Tourism operators have been quick to demonstrate their commitment across a balanced set of economic, host community, visitor and environmental elements, all of which are necessary for a long-term sustainable tourism industry.  Getting this right will mean more quality jobs, more business opportunities, a reduced carbon, waste and ecological footprint, and welcoming and vibrant communities to operate in and for visitors to enjoy.


Tourism 2025 & Beyond - A Sustainable Growth Framework

Now, Tourism 2025 & Beyond – A Sustainable Growth Framework becomes the latest addition to the Tourism 2025 ‘family’.  The key change is that sustainability is now at the centre of Tourism 2025, providing a clear pathway towards a sustainable tourism industry for Aotearoa New Zealand.

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners