Employer Toolkit

Health & Safety

The following tips and tools will help you strengthen health and safety across your workplace and comply with government regulations. 

  • Preventing and responding to bullying at work

    WorkSafe NZ has updated its 'Good Practice Guideline Preventing and responding to bullying at work' and developed other guidance for small businesses and workers.

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  • How to manage work risks

    This WorkSafe risk management framework describes four steps that can help you with managing your workplace health and safety risks.

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  • SafePlus online assessment tool

    WorkSafe NZ's SafePlus Online Self-Assessment Tool is a free health and safety performance improvement tool, designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

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  • New Heath & Safety at Work Act

    The new Health & Safety at Work Act came into force on 4 April 2016. The new law requires you to do what’s “reasonably practicable” to manage health and safety risks at work. The aim is to reduce the number of people killed or hurt at work.

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  • Around the Block safety tool

    The online ‘Around the Block’ tool helps businesses get started with managing their health and safety risks. Animated and interactive, the tool takes users on a journey through a typical city block, with clickable risk hotspots within each of the business interiors (from cafes to petrol stations). Guidance is provided on how to identify and start to manage the risks identified by the hotspots. More businesses will be added over time, particularly SMEs.

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  • Aviation health and safety videos

    A series of videos produced by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to help the aviation industry
    understand and meet the requirements of new health and safety laws.

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  • Video - Health & Safety at Work

    The basic facts you need to know about the Health and Safety at Work Act, presented by WorkSafe NZ Chief Executive Gordon MacDonald – a resource for getting the message across to your employees.

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  • Introduction to the Health & Safety at Work Act

    This WorkSafe NZ Guide provides an introduction to New Zealand’s key health work and safety law and its regulator. It includes the duty of officers and workers and what to expect from the regulator, offences and penalties.

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  • FAQs and myth-busting

    WorkSafe NZ answers questions about the Health and Safety at Work Act, and dispels some of the myths,

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  • SupportAdventure website

    Support, guidance and tools to help adventure activity and outdoor recreation operators strengthen safety systems and encourage a culture of safety across their operations. The website is managed by TIA with strong industry input.

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  • Creating an H&S culture

    www.business.govt.nz has practical tips and tools for creating a health and safety culture in your workplace.

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