Employer Toolkit

Business continuity planning

Practical information to help your business plan for an emergency and to help you, your staff and family prepare for a natural disaster.

  • Shut happens - resilience guide for SMEs

    How to get through.

    Getting your business ready to ‘get thru’ is partly about doing some planning
    and partly about ensuring you develop practices to become more resilient. Find out how.

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  • At work

    Prepare for a civil defence emergency at work

    Information from Civil Defence, including staff evacuation schemes, civil defence cabinets and food supplies and managing risk.

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  • Business continuity planning

    A Civil Defence introduction

    Civil Defence talks you through the why and how and business continuity planning, including a link to workshops.

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  • Get your business prepared for an emergency

    It's easy - get prepared for an emergency

    This Civil Defence Prepared Business guide walks you through 12 simple steps to help your business prepare for an emergency - from a power cut to an earthquake. It helps you record your information on an editable PDF so you can access it online or offline, from your phone, tablet or computer.

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  • Staff or stuffed

    A short guide for organisations supporting their people in a major disaster

    A guide from Resilient Organisations to help you Look after you staff in a major disaster.

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  • Resilience for small businesses

    Information from the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

    Including what happens to your tax and bills and emergency and continuity planning.

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  • Resilient organisations

    Guides, resources, research to help you build a resilient business

    Resilient Organisations is a research and consulting group focused on helping organisations, industries, and economies to thrive in any environment.

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  • Advice for retailers

    Retail NZ advice for retailers affected by earthquakes.

    Including payroll issues and checking on employees.

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  • Get earthquake and tsunami ready

    Information from the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management on how to prepare for an earthquake and tsunami, and how to protect yourself if it happens.

    Make a plan, local Civil Defence groups, protect yourself and your family if a tsunami strikes.

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  • Preparing your business for natural disasters

    This Queensland Government guide contains useful information to help your business prepare for a natural disaster, as well as individual checklists for specific natural disasters.

    Checklists for cyclones, storms, floods, droughts, plus evacuation plans.

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