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Industry Strategy

18 December 2023

TIA released its industry strategy Tourism 2050 - a Blueprint for Impact on 7 November at Tourism Summit Aotearoa.   

The Blueprint sets out the vision for the industry by 2050 which is ‘Enriching Aotearoa New Zealand Through a Flourishing Tourism Ecosystem’ supported by 10 key Actions that will create momentum towards achieving the vision and the key targets.   

The Blueprint was developed with wide industry support, with specialist strategy input from PwC.  

The central premise of the Tourism 2050 Blueprint is ‘balanced growth’ where tourism is a flourishing and growing industry that contributes widely to New Zealand’s people, place and culture.  

TIA will take some actions forward, while promoting others to government, key stakeholders and to tourism operators. Each group has an important role to play to ensure progress. 

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners