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Conservation Reform

18 December 2023

TIA values its positive relationship with the Department of Conservation but recognises the limitations of the current legislative and planning structures for managing conservation lands.  With these lands being one third of New Zealand, it is important that the legislative framework under which DOC operates is reviewed and improved so itis equipped to play its essential role as visitor demand changes over time.   

The current framework is outdated and frequently works against the desired conservation, recreation, cultural and visitor outcomes. Tourism can deliver strong conservation gains, but the current system consistently works against this desired alignment.  

Also, there are risks to DOC’s ability to maintain and develop its existing network of tracks, huts and other facilities, let alone to invest in this network as both quality standards and demand levels increase. TIA advocates for DOC being funded to enable it to respond to these growth-related drivers.     

Action 7 of Tourism 2050 is ‘Transform Tourism and Conservation’. 

This has two parts. Firstly, to establish how to optimise the current settings for tourism and conservation for the best outcomes, and secondly, to support the modernisation of the complex conservation legislation that DOC works to. In both areas, TIA considers that there are substantial mutual benefits to be gained.     

TIA is participating in the current review of the Wildlife Act.  


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Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners