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TIA's Values & Brand

Our values

Share the passion
We share our passion for the visitor industry, for TIA and for all the things we love.

Make a difference
We make connections, take risks, speak up and create success.

Take it on
We take responsibility, have a can-do attitude and pitch in.

People matter
We are open, fun-loving, generous, caring and supportive.

We strive to weave sustainability through everything we do to ensure the tourism industry protects and enhances Aotearoa for the benefit of all New Zealanders. 

Sustainability approach - walking the talk 

In 2017, TIA launched the Tourism Sustainability Commitment (TSC) with the vision of leading the world in sustainable tourism: Toitū te taiao, toitū te tāpoi. E kōkiri ana e Aotearoa.

The TSC’s focus is not just on minimising harm, but on making a positive contribution so that tourism gives back more than it takes.

At TIA we have made our own pledge to the Tourism Sustainability Commitment. This means we weave sustainability into everything we do. We ensure TIA as an organisation actively and continually considers all four elements of tourism sustainability: economic, visitor, community and environment.

We do this through:

  • Developing policies that reflect our values, for instance creating a Travel Policy which focuses on reducing our carbon emissions;

  • Communicating honestly and openly with our members, stakeholders and the public about our sustainability journey;

  • Engaging with our communities through staff volunteer days;

  • Making changes in our workspace to encourage better habits, such as recycling and waste reduction;

  • Making big changes to the ways we operate, such as using technology to host a meeting that once would have involved air travel.

We recognise that we are on a journey and that there will always be room for improvement and refinement. We welcome useful tips, development opportunities and open conversations.

Aotearoa’s advocates

New Zealand has risen from uncharted depths to claim a unique place in the eyes and hearts of travellers the world over. Our industry shine a spotlight into our quiet corner of the world.

TIA is the voice of an industry that has grown up with New Zealand. People who have built their businesses on being passionate about our country and taking that passion to the world.

We operate with the understanding that achieving synergy within our industry will mean collectively we will be stronger than the Huka Falls, as vocal as an Urewera dawn chorus and shine brighter on the world’s stage than a sunrise over the Southern Alps.

Perhaps because of our geographic location, New Zealanders have always helped each other dream big, take on the world and make a difference both locally and globally.

We are the peak industry body, supporting and uniting the tourism community.

Our name

We updated our name from the Tourism Industry Association New Zealand to Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA) in May 2016. We did this to better reflect who we are, what we do and to highlight New Zealand’s unique selling point – our culture.

Our members remain at the heart of our work and we will continue to offer the advocacy, information, events and benefits members currently enjoy.

But this name clearly signals that we are not simply a membership association. We are strongly focused on advocating for the whole tourism industry.

Our logo 

TIA Logo Colour no text

TIA’s logo represents the connectivity and alignment we offer the industry. We believe that by working together, we can accomplish what no single member or sector group could achieve by themselves.

The colours represent the natural greens and blues of New Zealand’s landscape, complemented by a vibrant ‘Takahē’ pink inspired by our native birdlife.

The logo incorporates a koru design that both references Māori culture and retains a link to TIA’s previous logos as they have evolved over the years.

TIA members are permitted to use the TIA logo on their websites and other collateral. Email for details.

Our history

TIA was formed in 1953 as the New Zealand Travel and Holiday Association. In 1970 it became the New Zealand National Travel Association, then the New Zealand Tourist Industry Federation in 1984.

It was known as the Tourism Industry Association New Zealand since 1993 until we launched our new identity as Tourism Industry Aotearoa in May 2016.

We had seen some dramatic advances in our industry in the previous few years and felt our new identity better reflected TIA’s role as the voice of that industry.

TIA has continually championed the interests of its members and the tourism industry.

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Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners