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14 May 2019

TIA launches Tourism 2025 & Beyond at TRENZ 2019 in Rotorua.

 Nov 2018

TIA released the draft Tourism 2025 & Beyond, a revised framework to guide the sustainable development of New Zealand's tourism industry. We requested industry feedback to help refine and finalise the framework.

Nov 2017

TIA launches the Tourism Sustainability Commitment on 14 November at the Tourism Summit Aotearoa in Wellington. 

Jan - Sept 2017

Establishing a Tourism Sustainability Commitment to sit alongside the Tourism 2025 economic goal was a priority project for TIA in 2017/18. The Commitment was developed with an external Reference Group and in consultation with the wider industry.

 13 May 2016

TIA launches Tourism 2025 - Two Years On, reaffirming the Tourism 2025 growth framework and its five themes and reinforcing that continuing efforts are needed to grow shoulder and off-peak travel, and improve regional dispersal. 

It also gives increased attention to capacity and infrastructure development and identifies around 30 priority areas for advancement for the next two years, for both the government and the private sector.

Dec 2015

The Tourism 2025 scorecard is updated.

Nov 2015

People & Skills 2025 is launched. This is an industry framework to govern the development of the future workforce required to support the Tourism 2025 aspirational goal. It includes a set of actions to guide the industry and government on both the supply of people for the industry and the skills they need.

TIA led the development of the People & Skills 2025 framework, working together with a range of stakeholders.

Oct 2014

The Tourism 2025 scorecard is updated.

Mar 2014

The detailed framework - Tourism 2025 - Growing Value Together/Whakatipu Uara Ngatahi, including the summary document, in depth documents and website are released

Oct 2013 - March 2014

The project team completes the first draft of the Tourism 2025 framework document and distributes it to stakeholders in November. Stakeholders provide feedback through until the end of December 2013.

The in depth documents are finalised from November 2013 through February 2014.

The Tourism 2025 summary document is developed January - March 2014.

1 Oct 2013

The high-level detail of Tourism 2025 - Growing Value Together/Whakatipu Uara Ngatahi is launched at the 2013 TIA Summit

Jul & Sept 2013

The prject team thoroughly investigates and tests its analyses of industry issues with key industry players.

The team settles on a final framework - Tourism 2025.

April – June 2013

A private/public sector national tourism framework team (the project team) is established.

Work starts on the framework’s substance.

Jan - Mar 2013

TIA seeks wider industry endorsement and wisdom.

Dec 2012

TIA formally commits to lead the national tourism framework.

Oct 2012 – Nov 2012

TIA socialises the national tourism framework idea with a range of industry players.

2 Oct 2012

The national tourism framework originates out of the 2012 TIA ‘Think Different’ Summit.

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners