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Q:  What is Tourism 2025?

  Tourism 2025 is the New Zealand tourism industry's growth framework. It has been created by industry, for industry, to grow its size, value and profitability over the next decade. Its development is being led by Tourism Industry Aotearoa.

Launched in 2014, it has spawned a number of other documents to ensure the framework is attuned to the current context: Tourism 2025 - Two Years On (2016) New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment (2017), and now Tourism 2025 & Beyond (2019).

We describe these as the ‘Tourism 2025 Family’.   


Q:  Why did you update the industry’s Tourism 2025 growth framework?

A:  A lot has changed since 2014 when Tourism 2025 was released. Then, the industry sought growth, and we have been very successful with this over the past five years towards achieving the goal of $41 billion spend by 2025 (currently $39.1 billion).   

Now, we need to be looking at the tourism industry from a balanced scorecard perspective: yes, making sure our visitors are having great experiences; yes, making sure our Communities are happy with and benefitting from tourism: yes, making sure our environment benefits from tourism; and yes, being economically successful.

The balanced scorecard framework established in 2017 within TIA’s Tourism Sustainability Commitment now forms the centre of the reset Tourism 2025 Framework. Achieving sustainable growth is now the driving ambition of the tourism industry, with the Vision of ‘Growing a sustainable tourism industry that benefits New Zealanders.’    

Q:  What are the main differences between Tourism 2025 & Beyond and the Tourism 2025 - Two Years On (2016)?

A:  Tourism 2025 – Two Years On retained the singular $41 billion economic goal, and introduced Infrastructure and Sustainability as key area of emphasis. Since then, TIA has undertaken work to address gaps in tourism infrastructure. Importantly, in 2017 it launched the Tourism Sustainability Commitment as a framework for all tourism businesses to use to become more sustainable, thereby making the whole industry more sustainable. 


Q:  What is different about the goals?

A:  Rather than a single goal $41 billion, Tourism 2025 & Beyond has four key goals – one for each main framework elements:

  • Visitor: International and domestic satisfaction of 95%
  • Community: 90% of New Zealanders are happy with the level of tourism and support growth
  • Environment: 90% of tourism businesses have Environmental Plans to measure and manage their carbon, waste and ecological footprint.
  • Economic: Annual tourism spend of 450 billion by 2025

Q:  How did you decide on the ten priority actions?

A:  The top ten actions stem from identifying the streams of work needed to ensure the overall tourism ‘system’ is working well for New Zealand and New Zealanders.

The long list of other Actions are important but it is the ones that will contribute most strongly across the system that are prioritised.     

Q:  Who is responsible for progressing the actions?

A:  No one agency is responsible for advancing these actions. Rather, it is up to the players across the industry to play their roles, whether central or local government, industry associations, tourism businesses and a range of other entities. 

TIA will play a leadership role in driving to get things done, but it can only succeed with the involvement of others.  


Q:  How will you report progress against the goals?

A:  As with Tourism 2025, TIA will develop a Tourism 2025 & Beyond scorecard.  This will track progress against the four goals, as well as other key indicators and regional dispersal and seasonality. 

Q:  Who was involved in the update?

A:  Tourism 2025 & Beyond was developed with the support of a reference group and in consultation with a wide-range of individuals from the industry and government. The draft of the updated framework was socialised with industry at the 2018 Tourism Summit Aotearoa, with strong endorsement of the approach being developed. 

Q:  What is the framework’s relationship to the Tourism Sustainability Commitment

A: The Tourism Sustainability Commitment provides the essential balanced scorecard that is now at the centre of the Tourism 2025 & Beyond – A Sustainable Growth Framework.    

TIA is working to strengthen the implementation of the TSC as a part of the wider Tourism 2025 & Beyond framework. With 1000 TSC members already on board (see who they are on the TSC website), TIA has identified four phases for the TSC:

  1. Recruiting - which is well underway
  2. Enabling - that will get greater emphasis this year
  3. Hardening it up - to raise industry standards over time
  4. Making it universal - across the industry


Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners