Studying tourism and loving it!

2016 Tourism Industry New Zealand Trust Academic Tourism Scholarship winner has continued into her second year of the Tourism Management Degree at Wellington's Victoria University and is loving it! 

This is what Georgia had to say part-way through her second year of university study. 

''The best thing about my course is how interactive it is. I have just finished an assignment where the class went on a virtual reality trip to Fiji and had the opportunity to assess whether or not tourism development would be the best idea for a small community in the Yasawa Island group.

My tourism class in the second year is a tight knit group of like-minded people, we have become a small community who challenge each other with ideas and often form working groups to problem solve tourism related issues.

During my studies I have developed a stronger understanding of the value of tourism, the economic impact it can have on a region and the importance of strategic planning and good resource management.  We have learnt about how we need to protect the environment and the importance of sustainability for future generations. 

At the end of next year, I am considering carrying on with my studies, with either a conjoint commerce degree or honours in tourism."

We talked to Georgia in December 2016 at the end of her first year of tertiary study. She told us the scholarship had given her a great start into the tourism industry and she's looking forward to what's ahead.

Q: Tell us about your first year of study?

My first year of study has been fantastic.

Wellington as a place of study has been more than I could ever have expected. I met a whole lot of new friends at Katharine Jermyn Hall which helped me get through my first year in a new city.

The structure of the tourism course has been very interesting and relevant to tourism today and has touched on many elements that were brought up in last year's TIA Tourism Summit. My lecturers were passionate about the course and that had an effect on me and my engagement with the course, leading to the grades I have achieved so far.


Q:    What qualification are you studying towards – how long will that take you?

 2016 was my first year of studying a tourism management degree at Victoria University of Wellington. This is a three year degree


Q:      What did winning a TINZT scholarship mean to you?

The scholarship has been fantastic. Not only has it helped me get ahead financially, it has also given me a chance to spend time learning more about the industry. 

TIA’s National Tourism Summit that I attended in 2015, where I received my scholarship, gave me a great taste of the industry, its people and the unlimited possibilities available to a new graduates and the exciting future ahead.


Q:     What’s your (planned) next step after qualifying?

 After qualifying I intend to get a job in the tourism industry where I can use my new found skills to help grow the NZ tourism industry sustainably. 


Q:      What is your ultimate career aim?

I imagine a future in a leadership role working for a corporate, possibly for either a hotel or airline either within New Zealand or overseas.