Scholarship winner off to a great start

2017 Tourism Industry New Zealand Trust Scholarship winner Laura-Madeleine Kuepper is thoroughly enjoying her tourism courses at Victoria University of Wellington, and life in the capital city.

Laura-Madeleine travelled from Timaru to Wellington to study a conjoint Bachelor of Tourism Management and Bachelor of Arts, in languages.

We caught up with her in September 2017 to see how her first year of tertiary study was going.

“So far everything is going really well. I have thoroughly enjoyed my courses and the experience at university and my hall (Katharine Jermyn).

Everything I have learned so far has been really interesting, especially in my tourism courses and Wellington is an amazing place - there’s so much to do.

What I have found most interesting about the tourism courses, are in particular the case studies and finding out how all the concepts can be applied to current ongoing issues or situations in New Zealand. The interrelation of tourism with other subjects I have been studying has also surprised me a lot. 

The courses so far have given me a much more detailed understanding of what the tourism industry actually encompasses and all the factors one has to take into account when looking at both issues and plans for the future. This complexity has been most intriguing and has definitely confirmed my interest in this area of study.”