Get a Chinese payment system and grow your business

If you want to attract or encourage higher spending from Chinese visitors then you need a Chinese payment system - AliPay, WeChat or both!

AliPay and WeChat Pay are the Chinese equivalent of Visa and Mastercard, the difference being they are a mobile phone based digital wallet. In China, 82% of all payments are mobile phone based and 90% of these are processed through AliPay and WeChat Pay.

The opportunity for you is to charge for products and services in New Zealand dollars, while allowing Chinese visitors to pay from their AliPay and WeChat Pay digital wallet in RMB (Chinese currency).

TIA can help members achieve this through our WeChat and AliPay partnership with PayPlus


PayPlus & CustomLinc are pleased to be able to announce the completion of an API integration. This now means CustomLinc users are now able to offer WeChat Pay & AliPay to their Chinese customers for walk up transactions and website sales are in testing now.

With the New Zealand/China year of tourism being held next year, this is good timing for operators to easily turn this payment method on in time. A video introduction to WeChat Pay and Alipay can be found here, and a demonstration of the technology working can be found here.

If you are interested in enabling this payment facility please get in touch with CustomLinc via the Support Channel or Simon Rouse from PayPlus at

PayPlus at TRENZ 2018

PayPlus will be at TRENZ 2018 (Dunedin, 7-10 May) to provide a demonstration, answer questions and assist with signing up. PayPlus can also offer TIA's South Island members access to Christchurch Airport's 'South Alipay' project

The benefits of offering Wechat and Alipay

  • Chinese visitors will stop shopping when they run out of cash and they are reluctant to use credit cards as they don't know how much they are being charged in their own currency. The good news is that they are familiar and comfortable paying with AliPay and WeChat as this is what they do daily at home.

  • AliPay and WeChat Pay are hassle free and easy to set up for an operator, removing all payment barriers for Chinese visitors.

  • For most businesses, accepting payments using AliPay and WeChat Pay is the first and simplest step to engage with Chinese customers. Local businesses can also adopt a presence and marketing strategy from AliPay and WeChat Pay beyond payment

  • As a New Zealand authorised AliPay and WeChat Service Provider, PayPlus is able to set you up with a hassle free AliPay and WeChat Pay payment solution both in-store and on your website. This can be an easy stand alone solution or a seamless integrated POS solution.

Receiving your money

  • PayPlus is the only authorised AliPay and WeChat service provider that has the payment engine fully developed and hosted in New Zealand. This ensures full security of all transactions as well as guaranteeing that your money will be settled within two working days, excluding public holidays in New Zealand and China.

PayPlus 2019


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WeChat - more than just a payment system


WeChat is more than just a payment system. It is sometimes referred to as the ‘Swiss army knife’ application because of its all-inclusive functionality, combining everything from messaging, chat, phone calls, payment systems, e-commerce and more. It can connect you with Chinese consumers before, during and after their visit. 


What TIA members say about PayPlus and WeChat


Southern Lakes Helicopters, Te Anau 

I first read about PayPlus and WeChat in the TIA newsletter. This was of interest to us as we have a number of Chinese clients, and are always looking for ways to increase our business by making ourselves as ‘user friendly’ as possible. I read the information on the PayPlus website and took advantage of the special offer in conjunction with TIA of no setup fees. The whole process was very quick and easy, and once set up you receive an information pack with full instructions, stickers and desk display to draw customers' attention to the fact that you accept WeChat.

Processing a transaction is super easy. The client uses their device, scans our QR code on the desk display and enters the amount they are to pay. They then show us for confirmation the $$ amount is correct. They accept on their device and then BAM, the payment comes through instantly on our portal which confirms to us that the payment has been accepted. If not accepted, we also know instantly. Even less for us to do than a normal credit card transaction. No pin numbers, signatures, etc, required. The Online Portal has all the information you need, and even better no bits of paper to file away!

Our Chinese customers are generally quite surprised that we accept WeChat and one lady recently was so delighted she jumped up and down clapping her hands!

PayPlus has been fantastic with any support required but it is such a simple user friendly system that very little support is needed. If you are to start using WeChat, I would highly recommend that you place the promotional material in as prominent a position as possible so that customers are aware of this option before paying with other methods.

I would highly recommend using WeChat if you have Chinese clients.

Erin Robertson, Office Manager


Arataki Honey Ltd, Hawke’s Bay Division

As a tourism and honey retail business, we are getting more and more Chinese customers through our doors all the time and believe it's important to make them feel as welcome as possible. 

When I saw the WeChat Pay opportunity through TIA, I wanted to know more. I phoned and spoke to the team at PayPlus with a list of questions. I got clear, helpful and easy to understand answers to all my questions.

Not only are there no costs involved but we are not paying credit card transaction fees on purchases so it is actually beneficial to us as a business.I applied quickly and easily using the online application process and the start-up kit arrived promptly. The set up was really simple and literally took only a few minutes. We set it up with a tablet as it is portable, but there are other options. 

Our Chinese customers are loving it and we have had quite a few transactions now. It is obviously something that they are really familiar with using and appreciate having it available for them here. It is really simple to process and confirm a successful transaction, and payment into our bank account is usually next day.

My team are impressed by how easy it is to use so are keen to offer it as an option to our Chinese customers and the accompanying POS material is easy for WeChat users to recognise.

Simon and the PayPlus team are very helpful and easy to deal with, although after the initial set up we have not needed any support given how easy everything has been.

The Chinese tourism market in New Zealand can only continue to grow and I would really recommend trying out WeChat as a way to help connect with this market. 

I think phone apps such as WeChat Pay will be the future for all payments eventually and it’s good to get ahead with the technology.

Gayle Hutcheson, Visitor Centre Manager


Haka Tourism Group

Leading New Zealand tourism business Haka Tourism Group is embracing WeChat. They have worked with PayPlus to implement a WeChat plan which is helping them break into the important China market. Find out more.