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Call for nominations to the Board of Directors 


Due to COVID-19 disruption, the TIA AGM will now be held virtually at 5:30pm on Tuesday 31 August. All members are welcome to attend the AGM but are asked to register their attendance in advance. 

Call for Nominations to the Board of Directors 

The call for nominations to the TIA Board of Directors is an important step in ensuring member interests are represented in the leadership and development of the tourism industry. The TIA Board comprises of 10 sector-elected representatives, two general-elected members, one appointed from Tourism New Zealand, two members co-opted by the Board, and an Independent Chair.  

This year there are six sector directorships up for re-election (and no general membership directorships): 

  • Adventure and Outdoor
  • Air Transport
  • Attractions, Conferences and Events
  • Culture and Heritage
  • Tourism Services and Services to Tourism
  • Water Transport and Cruise

It is unusual to have so many sector appointments in one year, but due to changes in employment, additional positions have become vacant.  Any representative of a member in one of the above sectors can nominate a candidate for their sector (but only their sector). Self-nomination is permitted. If more than one nomination is received for a directorship, there will be an election. 

We are seeking nominees who have the relevant governance experience, skills, networks, and strategic thinking to move the industry forward and achieve TIA’s Vision and Purpose. Nominations must be received no later than noon, Sunday 8 August 2021. 

If you have any questions about the election process, please email

Who can be nominated for a directorship?
The nominee’s organisation must be a Full Member of the sector the nominee is seeking to represent.

Can someone self-nominate?
Yes, if they are a representative of a Full Member of the relevant sector.

Does anyone need to second the nomination?

Is the name of the nominator published?
No, this is for administration purposes only.

What is the election process?
If there is no nomination for a seat, the board will subsequently consider whether to appoint a suitable person. If there is a single valid nomination, that person will subsequently be declared successful.

If more than one valid nomination is received for a seat, there will be an election. TIA will distribute the biographies and voting form via email to the primary contact of all Full Members in that sector. Voting will open Thursday 12 August, and close midday, Monday 23 August.  

Election results will be announced after the results are verified. This should be no later than Friday 28 August.

Who can vote?
Only the primary contact of a Full Member of the specific sector can vote if there is an election held for their sector. Members receive one vote for every $100 (exc. GST) of their annual membership fee. TIA will make this calculation for you.

Only paid-up members in the relevant sector can vote for their sector representative. This includes members who have instalment arrangements for their fees.

What is the term for a director?
Any new appointments to the Board will be effective for a period of three years and start immediately after the AGM on Tuesday 31 August 2021.  

Is there an induction process for new directors?
Yes, all new directors are given a governance manual and are given the opportunity to spend time in Wellington with the TIA Chief Executive and staff, and will be supported by the Chair and fellow directors.

How many times a year does the Board meet?
TIA’s Board has quarterly meetings, usually 9am to 3pm, held at different locations around the country and usually accompanied by a Discussing Tourism stakeholder function the evening before.  If elected, it is important that you can attend meetings in person. Occasionally, it is necessary to call additional meetings, which will generally be held by Zoom.

Dates and locations for 2021/22 are:

Meeting dates and locations for 2021/2022
Date Timing (may alter slightly)  Location Activity
Tue 31 August 2021 11am to 4pm Hamilton Outgoing Board (and incoming directors as guests)
Tue 31 August 2021 5pm to 7pm Hamilton Discussing Tourism and AGM
Wed 1 September 2021 7.30am to 8.30am Hamilton Incoming Board
Tue 23 November 2021 5pm to 7pm Queenstown Discussing Tourism Regional Event
Wed 24 November 2021 9am to 3pm Queenstown Board Meeting
Tue 1 March 2022 5pm to 7pm Rotorua Discussing Tourism Regional Event
Wed 2 March 2022 9am to 3pm Rotorua Board Meeting
Tue 14 June 2022 5pm to 7pm Wellington Discussing Tourism Regional Event
Wed 15 June 2022 9am to 3pm Wellington Board Meeting
Tue 6 September 2022 5pm to 7pm Auckland Discussing Tourism and AGM
Wed 7 September 2022 9am to 3pm Auckland Board Meeting
Tue 22 November 2022 5pm to 7pm Queenstown Discussing Tourism Regional Event
Wed 23 November 2022 9am to 3pm Queenstown Board Meeting

At the first meeting of the Incoming Board on 1 September, some directors are to be appointed to the Operations, Audit and Risk Committee that meets two weeks prior to the full Board meetings. At that same meeting, the Board is also to appoint two or three directors and two independents as Trustees of the Tourism Industry New Zealand Trust.

Is it a paid position?
No, the director roles are voluntary. The independent chair receives an honorarium. Upon request, TIA will reimburse reasonable travel and accommodation expenses incurred by a director in attending meetings.