Strategic Projects

People & Skills

Ensuring tourism businesses attract and retain staff with the right skills and attitude is a top industry priority. 

Building the Tourism Workforce

TIA worked with Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development to help promote and attract talent into the visitor economy through the expansion of the Go with Tourism initiative.

This project is being funded by $5.2 million from the new International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL). The funding will support a range of initiatives identified in the Careers in Tourism business case commissioned in 2018 by the People & Skills Forum to counter some of the poor perceptions young people and their key influencers may have of careers in tourism.

The package aims to help attract the estimated 40,000 new employees needed to support tourism growth over the next five years.

As well as the Go with Tourism programme expansion, we are seeking funding to cover two other workstreams:

  • to improve education and workforce planning
  • upskilling programmes for businesses.

TIA is working with ATEED and the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment on a full investment plan.

The initiatives align with and support a range of government and industry activities including the Tourism 2025 industry growth framework People & Skills Report; the Government’s tourism strategy and the proposed changes to the employer-assisted temporary work visa system and regional workforce planning.

Read more about the funding announcement

People & Skills 2025 Framework

TIA's People & Skills 2025 framework was launched in November 2015 to support the tourism industry's ambitious growth goals.

Ensuring we have the right people in the right place at the right time is a top priority and critical to achieving the industry’s Tourism 2025 goal of $41 billion annual revenue by 2025.

Our industry is already facing acute labour shortages in some popular destinations at peak times of the year, and given the industry’s rapid growth, the pressures will only intensify.

The People & Skills 2025 framework is guiding how the industry makes decisions on workforce development over the next decade. 

Perceptions research with ATEED

In 2018, TIA partnered with Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development to undertake perceptions research to better understand what young Kiwis think about working in tourism and who influences their thinking.

This research offers new insights for industry employers and educators so they can attract more young people and effectively retain and develop them into sustainable career pathways.

Hotel Industry Awards winners video series

In 2019, TIA commissioned a series of videos interviewing the 2018 Hotel Industry Awards winners, to better promote the fantastic and varied careers people can enjoy in the tourism industry. Each winner is interviewed in their work environment with their staff, showcasing their role and what they've learned on the job.

The video series can be viewed here as a YouTube playlist, and each individual winner's video is linked below.

Eugenia Marquez, Hotel Industry Administration Employee of the Year

Roma Patel, Hotel Industry Revenue Manager of the Year.

Ingmar Becker, Hotel Industry Concierge of the Year.

Annalise Stewart, Hotel Industry Housekeeper Employee of the Year.

Rohan Thakur, Regional Hotel Employee of the Year.

Richard Bungeroth, Hotel Industry General Manager of the Year.

Danielle Davies, Hotel Industry Outstanding Young Hotel Executive of the Year.

Chao (Mick) Yuan, Hotel Industry Food and Beverage Employee of the Year.

Les Morgan, Hotel Industry Senior Hotel Executive of the Year.