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Practical and transformational plan to uplift tourism workforce

2 March 2023

Tourism Minister Peeni Henare has launched the Better Work Action Plan, aimed at making the tourism workforce stronger, more sustainable, and resilient.

TIA Chair Gráinne Troute, Industry co-chair of the Tourism Industry Transformation Plan partnership which created the plan, says: “The Action Plan is both practical and potentially transformational, forming a holistic package of proposals that should bring about positive changes to the tourism industry”. 

The plan has six proposals (Tirohanga Hou) and 14 initiatives to address four key systemic issues facing the tourism workforce. The issues identified were demand fluctuations; pay and conditions; firm maturity and scale; and current and future skills gaps. 

The solutions aim to create a more regenerative, high value and resilient industry that all New Zealanders can be proud of.

“The creation of a Tourism and Hospitality Accord will require businesses to meet certain workplace standards, recognising those that are already doing the right thing, as well as, where it is warranted, shifting the dial towards better pay and conditions for workers across the industry,” says Ms Troute. 

Helping businesses better understand existing technology would enhance productivity and drive better outcomes for workers and businesses, as would fit-for-purpose education and training.

Embracing seasonality, and leaning into the flexibility of the industry, will involve exploring innovative models such as employee and job-sharing amongst tourism operators.

Building cultural competency within the industry will enable businesses and workers to tell more authentic stories and build more diverse and inclusive workplaces.

“There are many positive stories of people with fulfilling and rewarding careers in tourism. Showcasing these people, their careers, and the variety that tourism has to offer should help attract more workers to the industry,” Ms Troute said. 

TIA Chief Executive Rebecca Ingram says the solutions developed by the group are coming at a critical time for the industry. “Thank you to the industry leadership group for their work developing a comprehensive view on the tourism workforce of the future.”

An implementation plan will be developed following the release of the Better Work Action Plan. For an indicative timeline and further next steps, please visit the Better Work Action Plan website. The next phase of the ITP is underway and is focusing on the environment.

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners