Policy Positions


TIA has established sustainability as an integral component of the Tourism 2025 & Beyond - A Sustainable Growth Framework Kaupapa Whakapakari Tāpoi.

This is operationalised through the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment He Kupu Taurangi Kia Toitū Ai Te poitanga that was launched by TIA in November 2017.  

Progressive changes have been made to the TSC programme to keep it current in the evolving tourism industry operating context.  A key part of this evolution is what we mean by sustainability, especially as terms like ‘regenerative’ are being increasingly used and which represent a further step along the spectrum.  TIA considers this an important point and considered changing, but we concluded that ‘sustainability’ worked better for all aspects of the TSC framework. We now clearly emphasise that, rather than ‘do no harm’, the term is used to mean ‘leave our place better than we found it’. We will continue to monitor this to see if further change is needed.     

The TSC has four elements of a balanced scorecard framework – Economic, Visitor, Host Community and Environment. These are supported by 12 Commitments that set out the actions required for TSC operators to adopt into their business practices. 

With 1400 tourism businesses and entities having voluntarily joined the TSC, in 2020 the step was taken to include TSC participation as a standard part of TIA membership.