Policy Positions

Fresh Water Management

Fresh water is integral to New Zealand's visitor offering. It supports many of our iconic adventure and outdoor activities, and sustains the natural landscapes that are the top reason visitors come here. 

One of TIA’s Sustainability Goals is for the tourism industry to be recognised for its contribution to protecting, restoring and enhancing New Zealand’s natural environment and biodiversity. TIA believes that New Zealand can achieve great things by consciously giving priority to the preservation and enhancement of our natural resources, including fresh water. In a highly modified, resource-constrained world, New Zealand has an opportunity to show, in a planned and deliberate way, environmental leadership and integrity.  

The economic value of fresh water to tourism must be prioritised in fresh water management planning.  

TIA supports improving national fresh water quality towards standards that support the health of our natural landscapes, support a healthy sustainable nation and enable safe and healthy visitor interaction - for now and for future generations.