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Policy Positions — Current Strategic Priorities

Zero Carbon Target

20 September 2021

TIA has taken the key step to elevate the urgency for the tourism industry to act to reduce its carbon emissions towards becoming a net zero-carbon industry, and to get there sooner than the government’s goal of a carbon zero New Zealand by 2050. The vehicle for this work, the Tourism Carbon Challenge, was launched in November 2021. TIA is developing the Action Plan for determining the priority things that we will do across the industry for getting there. This initiative advances TSC Commitment 11.

The 2022 TSC Annual Return survey found that only 29.3% of respondents are acting to reduce their carbon emissions, clearly indicating there is much work to be done on this area which in turn further supports the need to be accelerating the ‘commitment to action’ aspects of the TSC as set out above.

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Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners