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Policy Positions — Current Strategic Priorities

Tourism Workforce

20 September 2021

A key factor in a successful recovery of tourism in New Zealand post pandemic is having enough of the right people in the right place at the right time. Recovery of the tourism workforce requires action on many fronts, including to ensure that:

  • New Zealanders who previously worked in tourism are choosing to return to the industry.
  • There is a healthy working holiday workforce that can support the industry over the summer peak and have the dual benefit of also being visitors.
  • Tourism employers to be providing quality employment, including paying a fair wage, good working conditions and providing upskilling opportunities. TIA advocates that all tourism businesses strive to be ‘Employers of Choice’ (TSC Commitment 7).
  • There is strong interest from the next generation in a career in tourism that translates into study, thereby ensuring a pipeline of skilled workers and future tourism leaders.
  • There are well-supported and well-funded tourism training organisations.
  • There is a longer-term view on the future workforce requirements of the industry

TIA is monitoring how TIA members are finding their immediate workforce situation and the challenges they face through its Workforce and Industry Readiness Survey. The survey will be conducted quarterly at least for the next year.

TIA supports the work of the Tourism ITP Better Work stream considering that it will, if implemented well, advance the quality of employment across the tourism industry.

TIA has submitted on key workforce initiatives including the Fair Pay Agreement Bill, Draft NCEA Tourism Curriculum, and the Seasonal Snow and Adventure Tourism Sector Agreement.

Recent submissions

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners

Thanks to our strategic partners