Megan Williams

Megan Williams head and shoulders

Sustainability Advocate

DDI: 04 499 0104



Megan started in her role in mid-June 2018, promoting the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment and helping businesses achieve the 14 Business Commitments.

Megan’s career has largely involved tourism and conservation. She has worked in the tourism industry nationally and internationally (Tourism New Zealand, Shotover Jet Fiji and the cruise sector).

Moving home to New Zealand to concentrate on tourism management, she worked as a Sector Manager at the Tourism Industry Association NZ and then was the General Manager of Sustainable Wanaka. 

In her spare time, Megan likes to cook, spend time with friends and family, walk, mountain bike and ski. In the summer, she loves nothing more than hanging out by the lakes or rivers near Wanaka.

Located in Wanaka, she is a Director of Southern Tourism Ltd and a Board member of Lake Wanaka Tourism.