Lori Coughtrey

Lori Keller

Advocacy and Engagement Manager (Acting)

DDI: 04 499 0104

Email: lori.keller@tia.org.nz

What do you do at TIA?
As an Industry Advocate my role is to listen, support, and keep abreast of changes in the tourism industry. I am also  the Acting Advocacy and Engagement Manager. 

What's your career background?
I’ve been a sanitary technician, a mixologist, an art curator and general ‘Jenny-on the spot’. I’ve also owned a sea kayaking company, managed a geothermal attraction, and had the privilege of working with our national taonga at the Kiwi Birdlife Park.

What do you do for fun?
Fish, ski, tramp and enjoy a whiskey tasting or two.

What's something unique about you?
I’ve been barbed by a stingray and lived to tell the tale.