Cath Tate

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DDI: 04 495 0816


What do you do at TIA?
I support our CE, Board and Trust by anticipating and understanding their needs and priorities to help ‘stuff’ happen. This includes drafting agendas, papers, minutes, actions; organising events; diary juggling; negotiating; managing to do lists; mind-reading and gentle nudging. 😊 My other role is Health and Safety Manager – helping to keep our people healthy, safe and happy.

What's your career background?
After my postgrad in hotel and catering management, I set up a conference business at a Leeds Metropolitan University. Moving to NZ, I became full-time mum and Playcentre leader, then set up a business with my husband. After that, and a few years doing accounts, I came to TIA in November 2011 on a 6-month contract originally looking after membership admin. I’d rediscovered my passion for the visitor industry, and did not want to leave.

What do you do for fun?
On a nice day I enjoy biking to work. At the weekend I love spending time with horses and having dressage classes. I also enjoy gardening and exploring with our basset hound, Dougal. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
“The person that doesn’t take time to think, often doesn’t think in time”. Ngahihi o te ra Bidois.