Abbas Alizadeh

Abbas Alizadeh

Policy and Insights Specialist

What do you do at TIA?
I provide technical expertise and industry knowledge to contribute to TIA’s policy and insight work. My policy work covers the wide range of issues that impact the tourism industry, and my insight work covers research and data analysis that we use in providing interpretation to help TIA shape the future of New Zealand tourism.

What's your career background?
Prior to TIA, I was a research fellow for He Kaupapa Hononga (the Otago Climate Change Research Network) and the Otago Energy Research Centre. Before that, I completed my PhD in sustainable tourism (University of Otago). I also served at the UNWTO from 2017 to 2018 as a researcher within the sustainable development of tourism programme.

What do you do for fun?
I love playing football and badminton. I also enjoy hiking and biking, and, of course, travelling.

What’s one thing every visitor to New Zealand should do?
I really think it would be great for visitors to Aotearoa New Zealand to commit to the Tiaki Promise, to “care for people and place” and protect the destination for future generations.